GAME 1.2.4

This update introduces brand new weapon attachments. There will be constant balancing on their pricing and advantages (ie. percentages, perks) throughout the next days.



  • Weapon attachments added:
    – Compensator
    – Muzzle Brake
    – Flash Hider
    – Vertical Grip
    – Angled Grip


  • Origin
    – Overall rework and improvements on the key angles and paths of the Search and Destroy phase
    – Drop collisions fixed
  • Exodus
    – Fixed many collisions in Capture and Search and Destroy phases
    – Drop collisions fixed


  • Bomb ticking sound is now in “Sound Effects” channel
  • Added shooting sounds for the Dragunov sniper rifle
  • Improved bomb ticking sounds based on proximity and location



  • Avatars in HUD will now display in black and white when a player is dead
  • Your teammates’ HP will now show under their avatar
  • New hit marker opacity and thickness options
  • Removed exponential fog option/set as always disabled (for now)
  • Added tooltips for all attachments in buy menu
  • FPS limited should no longer display “0” on a fresh install and is now set to “Limitless” by default



GAME 1.1.13

This update focuses mainly on the current performance issues with the game client.


– Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors
– Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus
– Fixed an issue where changing weapons would cause framerate drops


– Headshot damage multiplier has been increased from 2.0 to 2.25
– Lateral movement speed in hip fire mode increased by 5%


– New skin collection integration for 2018-09-26
– Battle Pass item level 75 integration (Barrett “Choke”) – item is now claimable


01.1.10b (Live Build)


  • Assault rifles’ overall damage values have been increased.
  • Armor penetration values have been increased to balance the new armor’s algorithm.

We will promptly release The Forge Arena’s live damage tables for all guns for better feedback purposes.



  • You can now sprint while reloading a gun.


  • Overall specialization optimization for Origin and Exodus maps
  • Fixed a bug when jumping voice over’s would appear to be behind you.
  • Added bomb countdown/ticking sound effects

Overall Bug Fixes/Features

  • Fixed an issue where an empty clip would cause a desync with the client/server and would not let you reload.
  • The game client now loads/unloads certain sections of the map in between phases for better performance.
  • FPS optimization for lower/mid end PC’s.
  • Your computer will now use recommended settings the first time the game client is loaded. You can always roll back to these settings in the options menu.


  • Integrated “skirmish” option for private games. In order to get a skirmish going, create two parties of the same size (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5) and invite the opposing party leader to a skirmish. Game will start upon confirmation of all users.
  • Added “Create Account” button to login screen.
  • Added Official “Discord” link to login screen.
  • Revamped the UX for Battlepass features. You can now see the preview for the skins you may claim.
  • Friend list overhaul. You will now be able to see more friends without having to scroll up/down.

00.07.00 (live build)


  • New Skin collection now integrated
  • Fixed an issue causing stats to not get properly updated on your account if the Match was left early


  • Lateral Speed Multiplier increased


  • Minor bugfixes have been made to the Spectator Mode


  • Weapons now deal full damage to Player arms and hands
  • Equipping a different Weapon will now gradually increase/decrease the Player’s movement speed over the course of the animation rather than at the moment the new Weapon is fully equipped
  • Weapon Equip Times decreased
  • Movement Speed Multiplier and Armor Pen values are now more distinct between each type of Weapon class. This should help to better define the roles of each category.
    • Rifles are generally slower but have more Armor Pen
    • Glock and USP have the least Armor Pen but are quick. Deagle is the exception and will feel more like a heavy SMG
    • SMGs are in between Pistols and Rifles for both Movement Speed and Armor Pen
    • Barrett sniper rifle is now a one-shot kill above the waist – with and without armor. Overall movement has been reduced while equipped.

Greetings to all old and new friends we have met at events, online and most certainly, in our game.

Following up on the open beta weekend that ends tonight, we are more than amazed with the amount of feedback, both positive and constructive, that everyone has given us throughout this great journey.

The Freezing Raccoon development team has been working around the clock for more than 18 months trying to provide people like you a new competitive first person shooter that will keep you coming for more after every game you play.

Today, we are proud to announce that our game will be completely free to play until we launch the full version of our product!

You have requested it – you now have it. From this moment on and until our full release, you and your friends/teammates can now download and play this game for ASBOLUTELY FREE!

As for the remaining of the game’s development, from now on we will be updating and patching The Forge Arena on a weekly basis every TUESDAY.

The reasoning behind such decision is mostly based on our community feedback and it’s will to have many, many more players playing on our servers to create a competitive environment as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for our new competitive giveaways, our second map release, our in-game voice chat, our new guns and our numerous bug fixes!

See you in the Arena!

The Freezing Raccoon Dev. Team


The Forge Arena development team would like to kick off the Beta Release will a bit of friendly competition.

From June 23rd to July 6th, we want to see what kind of skills our community has to offer. During this time, we invite players from around the world to record their best moments and compile them into the best Frag Movie you can make. At any point during this time, tweet  @TheForgeArena with your YouTube video, post it in #post-your-frag-movies-here (on our Official Discord) – and you’re in.

Winners will take away $1,000 worth of Sparks to purchase all the skins you’ll ever want.

**** Due to the popularity and demand, we have upgraded our giveaway! ****

1st place: 100 000 Sparks
2nd place: 50 000 Sparks
3rd place: 25 000 Sparks
4th-13th place (10x): 10 000 Sparks

Winners will be chosen on Friday, 6/29/2018.

Good luck!

The Forge Arena Launcher is expecting some improvements for the Match Making system. These improvements will include Match Ready sounds and a better matching system. These improvements will go live before midnight EST, 6/23.


The Forge Arena development team would like to kick off the Beta Release will a bit of friendly competition. From 6/22-6/28 , we want to see what kind of skills the community has to offer. During this time, we invite players from around the world to record their best moments and compile them into the best Frag Movie you can make. At any point during this time, tweet and tag @TheForgeArena with your YouTube video. Winners will take away $1,000 worth of Sparks to purchase all the skins you’ll ever want. Winners will be chosen on Friday, 6/29/2018.

Another massive update for the closed Alpha. Time to jump into the arena.


Version : 00.00.13A

1. HUD

  • Added “Waiting for Players” display before game start
  • Crosshair is now hidden during the dive sequence
  • “Press B to Open Shop” will no longer stay on screen out of Lobby
  • Scoreboard overhaul; includes team and player scores
  • Removed placeholder HUD for inventory items

Developer Comments: We’re moving towards a more minimalist HUD design. Slight overall improvements that should impact the user experience.

2. Gameplay

  • Unstable connection should no longer reset the forced game start timer
  • Forced respawn at game start should no longer leave weapons floating in the air
  • An issue that would rarely prevent players from respawning has been fixed
  • Changed landing point placements to more closely match actual landing pad positions
  • Changed capture point collision to more closely match ribbon visuals
  • Fixed an issue causing the default glock to become hidden for other players after the round has been reset
  • Players now respawn at the appropriate location
  • Barret light is no longer visible on death
  • Bullet impacts for VFX/SFX are now calculated on both client and server side. This should lead to a smoother user experience
  • Issue that would occasionally turn player camera 90 degrees sideways after jumping into the arena should no longer occur
  • Slightly reduced camera blackout time before regaining control of player post-jump
  • Fixed an issue that would cause other clients to see a landing player do a double flip
  • Added two more landing locations to accommodate 5 players
  • Added numerous mouse sensitivity settings
  • Mouse settings are now saved locally
  • Fixed weapon binds to the correct numbers
  • Reload animation while aiming with 4x is now fixed
  • Red dot brightness has been lowered
  • Barret now has a reload animation
  • Improved all around bullet spray

Developer Comments: Many bug fixes focused on polishing specific aspects of the game to limit the amount of apparent issues.


Version : 00.03.02

1. Misc

  • General bug fixing
  • Offline/Online detection for friend list is more accurate

Developer Comments: Slight adjustments that will enhance general experience when using the client.

2. Matchmaking

  • All types of queues are available. Party does not have to be full to find a match

Developer Comments:  We’ve introduced the ability for players to queue independently and successfully be matched with other players. No longer do you have to be a full lobby of 5 to be considered by the Matchmaking server.

Another one for the books. Includes critical sound updates, global aim offset fix for all guns and many different bug fixes.


Version : 00.00.12PA

1. HUD

  • Fixed shop UI where you couldn’t buy from the store after pressing ESC while trying to buy items.
  • You can now confirm and equip your items in the shop by pressing ENTER
  • Added transition animations to different to different sections of the shop
  • Fixed scope buying structure
  • Added temporary scoreboard
  • Fixed number of enemies left widget

Developer Comments: Finally fixed a game-breaking bug where if you would press ESC in the first rounds you could get stuck with no gun for the rest of the game. Final scoreboard design should be in the next update.

2. Gameplay

  • Added leaning feature for all guns
  • Introduced a new red dot sight

Developer Comments: We decided to fully redesign our red dot which provides the user with a much cleaner view. We will be closely monitoring the testers’ feedback for it in the upcoming playtests.

3. Game Modes

  • Loading screen is now properly displayed when all players have joined the match.
  • Fixed null references preventing the first clip of a glock
  • Removed unused actors causing excessive FPS drops
  • Moved some spawn points to prevent wall collision
  • Force a second spawn before end of countdown to fix wrong ally/enemy visual states.

Developer Comments: Major update in term of frames per second. We have noticed an increase from 20 to 35 fps with all our of our test builds.


Version : 00.02.00

1. Visual

  • Rearranged different sections placement and size
  • All users’ icons have been replaced by new stock ones.
  • Notification button visual was improved

Developer Comments: those visual changes is a small step towards what we really had in mind in term of placement and sizing for all the launcher’s component

2. Matchmaking

  • Matchmaking infrastructure now allows users to queue up for a game alone and in groups up to 5.
  • Fixed visual bug for “Play” button

Developer Comments: we unlocked solo/different party size queue to test how it behaves in the real world.