GAME 1.1.13

This update focuses mainly on the current performance issues with the game client.


– Overall FPS improvements for low/mid end processors
– Overall map lighting improvements on Origin and Exodus
– Fixed an issue where changing weapons would cause framerate drops


– Headshot damage multiplier has been increased from 2.0 to 2.25
– Lateral movement speed in hip fire mode increased by 5%


– New skin collection integration for 2018-09-26
– Battle Pass item level 75 integration (Barrett “Choke”) – item is now claimable


GAME 00.03.01


  • Armor prices have been reduced 10credits per armor 5credits per armor
  • Starting credits 1100 1250
  • Credits per win 1500 1750
  • Credits per loss 750 1000


  • Added a sound trigger when Dropping/Picking up the Bomb
  • Added an explosion sound to the Bomb detonation


  • Improved 3rd person animations


  • Added in-game hints
  • Updated end-game Victory/Defeat screens
  • Radar Locked rotation is now functioning as intended
  • Radar has been zoomed out by 33%
  • Scoreboard (tab) should now properly display whether a Player is currently dead or not
  • Scoreboard text font has been increased
  • Chat box now has a darker background color
  • Chat box will now fade out after a short time of chat inactivity
  • Text colors based on Allied/Enemy team in the Chat box have changed
  • Players joining late will now properly be added to the Radar
  • Allies will be marked as an ‘X’ on the Radar upon death
    • This ‘X’ will fade out after 3s
  • Player markers will be removed from the Radar if they disconnect from the game


  • New option: Sprint Toggle ON/OFF
  • New option: Crouch Toggle ON/OFF
  • New option: Show in-game Hints
  • Radar position (left/right) will now be saved and loaded properly
  • More Resolution options have been added


  • Added new skins!


  • Level design improvements
  • Lighting optimizations should greatly benefit frame rate

Search and Destroy

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a team to earn an extra point by either Planting/Defusing the bomb after the Round has already been completed
  • Bomb explosion time set to 45s 1 minute


  • Buy Button has been moved to the upper-right section of the Shop
  • “Press ‘B’ to Buy” prompt will no longer show when shop is deactivated
  • Shops will now persist for an extra 15s after the start of Search and Destroy


  • Player Stats should now be sent properly after each match


  • Holosight center dot has been increased in size
  • Deagle
    • Lowered Fire Rate 0.22 to 0.242 (the value is the time between each shot)
    • Increased average vertical Recoil 0.40 to 0.42 – Horizontal recoil 0.6 to 0.63
  • USP
    • Increased Damage 12 to 13
  • Glock
    • Reduced Muzzle Flash by 25%
    • Lowered Fire Rate 0.13 to 0.143 (the value is the time between each shot)
  • AK
    • Reduced average vertical Recoil 0.35 to 0.33 -Horizontal recoil from 0.38 to 0.36
  • HoneyBadger
    • Fixed an animation glitch while aiming and jumping
    • Gun has been properly centered while aiming
    • Lowered fire rate 0.075 to 0.079
    • Lowered damage 15 to 14.25
    • Increased average vertical Recoil 0.11 to 0.115 | Horizontal recoil 0.2 to 0.21
  • Barrett
    • Lowered Fire Rate 2.0 to 2.1
    • Reduced movement speed multiplier 0.9 to 0.855


  • Players should no longer be able to simultaneously kill each other

LAUNCHER 01.01.01B


  • All stats have been reset due to the new system
  • Statistics and leaderboard now properly reflect your performance

After Game Recap

  • After the game, a new popup should show you a recap of the match

Developer Comments: This new feature is still being worked on and you’ll slowly see more and more statistics pop-up on it in the next updates, but for now Kills, Deaths, Assists and the final score will be nice to have for everyone!
The rate at which players appears might differ from game to game, so you might see that not all players are there from the start, but they’ll join the popup soon enough (usually within 10 seconds).


  • You can now change your profile picture when you click on it
  • Your experience has been reset

Developer Comments:  Changing the profile picture was something that was asked a lot, so here it is. You’ll notice that your profile picture will highlight when you mouse over it. When clicking on it, it should show all of your stats and there you can change your picture. You’ll have a list of 7 pictures right now and we will add more soon.

Really sorry about the XP reset, but it was needed because we implemented the new stats, and with it came a new experience calculation.


  • Chat will now show only the last 100 messages
  • Implemented some basic chat filtering
  • Added a right click menu on players username on chat which offers 2 options
    • Add friend
    • Report for abuse

Developer Comments:  Watch out spammers, we’re monitoring you now!


  • Default Skins have been added to inventory

Developer Comments:  This means you can now remove skins from your load-out if you want to. In doing so, all skins have been unequipped (double-tap “P”). Don’t forget to equip them back the first time you launch back into the arena!


  • Changed phrasing on matchmaking steps to be more user friendly


  • General visual improvement
  • General matchmaking optimization


Another one for the books. Includes a massive sound update.



  • New Weapon: Honey Badger can be found in the SMG section of the shop
  • Bullets will now penetrate Players’ limbs in the hopes of finding a higher damage hitbox
    • This should result in a reduction of Hand and Arm hit registrations and an increase to Chest hit registrations
  • All weapon prices have been increased
  • All weapon recoils have been increased by at least 20%


  • Origin: Small fixes and tweaks
  • Increased the size of Bomb Site B
  • Fixed some collision glitches
  • Added assets to provide cover on Phase 1 (capture point)
  • Removed all destructible glass
  • Added assets on Bomb Site A for more cover
  • Top of “Ridge” in capture mode has been blocked off
  • Adjusted assets to hinder visibility form Bomb Site A towards mid


  • New Feature: Objectives tracker
    • The Radar will now display icons that represent current Objective locations
    • The Radar will now display the location of the Bomb to the attacking team during the Search and Destroy phase
  • Chat will now display the correct name of the Player that sends the message
  • Scoreboard will now always display team stats on the team’s respective side (based on color)
  • Kill feed will now always display the correct team colors
  • Kill feed’s position has been changed to prevent it from overlapping with the Radar
  • Health Color now matches Team Color
  • Armor value is now updating correctly
  • The Player’s HUD will now remain active while spectating
    • This will allow players to continue to communicate through the chat as well as increasing their general gameplay awareness


  • Shop now properly closes when pressing the toggle shop key (Default: ‘B”)
  • Added a temporary Button to refill armor
    • Current price is 10 credits per missing armor point


  • The proper animation is now played when Defusing the Bomb
  • Minor animation improvements


  • Removed spawning with armor. Must now buy from shop.
  • New announcer voice lines have been added to various game events (ex: bomb plant)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Team killing while still in spawn


  • Player and Weapon stats (eg. Kills, Deaths, etc.) are now tracked in-game and logged in the Launcher client (Statistics tab)


  • Fix an invisible mesh when you killed someone in the end round transition


TFA Launcher

  • Matchmaking
    • Optimization of the group finding
  • All game statistics are now tracked and shared in the leaderboard.
  • Popup confirm fixes
  • Party state fixes
  • Leaderboard sorting optimizations
  • Store :
    • Fixed error Redirect to error message instead
  • General Chat Fix
    • Chat buffer is now 100 messages
  • Download speed optimization for updates

Another one for the books. Includes critical sound updates, global aim offset fix for all guns and many different bug fixes.


Version : 00.00.10PA

1. HUD

  • Changed the font of teammates list/health bar to match other HUD aspects
  • Added number of remaining enemy players
  • Small overall alignment fixes

Developer Comments: You can now see how many players are left on your team and on the enemy team. Although the visual aspects will most likely be altered in the future, you can now rely on immediate HUD feedback to know if, per example, you are the only player left on your team and have to activate your inner “cluch mode”.

2. General sound improvements

  • Limited the number of bullet firing instances at any given time
  • Limited the number of bullets flying by at any given time
  • Adjusted the sound levels of bullets hitting materials and players
  • Implemented 3D sounds for bullets firing
  • Implemented 3D sounds for bullets landing in the surroundings (or hitting you)

Developer Comments: This patch implements and addresses the issues with the past build in which too many gun-related sounds were heard from inappropriate surroundings of the player. It is now much easier to identify where shots are coming from.

3. Guns

  • Optimized overall damage for UMP sub machine gun
  • Optimized overall damage for Barrett sniper rifle
  • Fixed bug where player’s hand would incorrectly show up when scoped

Developer Comments: Community and streamer partner feedback was taken into consideration for the UMP’s base damage. It is now much easier to eliminate opponents with it. Our flagship sniper rifle is now a one shot kill in the head/chest.


Version : 00.01.00

1. Game launcher

  • You can only launch a single instance of the launcher now

Developer Comments: the fact that a user could have 2 launchers running at the same time was the cause of multiple matchmaking related bugs such as the game process launching twice.

2. Friend list

  • Online/offline detection should now be more accurate
  • Inviting someone to your party will now prompt a confirmation for them
  • Fixed bug that would leave you stuck in the notification zone when declining a friend request

Developer Comments: online/offline detection is still a work in progress, but for the most part it should be way easier to determine if one of your friend is online and open for your invite.

The biggest draw at PAX South 2018 in San Antonio was having the opportunity to discover and experience new big indie releases. The event also offered attendees the opportunity to talk about table-top, hand-held, console, and PC gaming, games creation, and the explosion in streaming the industry has been experiencing. There was something for everybody and it offered a place and three days to hang out and have fun with like-minded people.

We at Freezing Raccoon were no exception. We all enjoyed an amazing time meeting with and sharing our passion with existing fans and introducing thousands of new friends to our upcoming title a progressive and unique FPS, The Forge Arena. We are grateful to have interacted with so many fantastic people—attendees, other exhibitors, and even many of PAX’s event staff. We lost count of how many exclusive t-shirts we handed out for every pre-order of TFA, and we were so overwhelmed with excited interest that we had to set up a Discord server just to answer all of the questions streaming in.

From the very beginning of work on TFA we strived to develop an FPS that could rival the big players in that market. To do this, Artur Minacov, co-founder, and sole funder of The Forge Arena’s creation, funded Freezing Raccoon and assembled a team of conceptual artists and developers, each possessing the heart and soul of a true gamer.

Co-founder, Artur Minacov, who himself had competed in Counter-Strike series games before founding a number of websites making it possible for gamers to cash in their hard-earned valuable skins. Then and now, his dedication to the betterment of the international gaming community has been consistent and strong. Freezing Raccoon co-founders , Cedrick, Simon, and Franky, have a combined 40 years of experience in professional game development. They and the rest of the development team mirror Artur’s desire to give back and use what they’ve learned to create a better experience for the next generation of gamers.

As has been the case from the beginning of development, we at Freezing Raccoon are dedicated to continually listening to and incorporating user feedback to make The Forge Arena a better game for everyone.

And we’re almost there, but it’s not too late to get involved. Check us out today at . Contact and connect with us on Discord. And watch daily development on Twitch and Mixer.

-Ian McAuley (Panda), Community Manager

GAME 1.2.4

This update introduces brand new weapon attachments. There will be constant balancing on their pricing and advantages (ie. percentages, perks) throughout the next days.



  • Weapon attachments added:
    – Compensator
    – Muzzle Brake
    – Flash Hider
    – Vertical Grip
    – Angled Grip


  • Origin
    – Overall rework and improvements on the key angles and paths of the Search and Destroy phase
    – Drop collisions fixed
  • Exodus
    – Fixed many collisions in Capture and Search and Destroy phases
    – Drop collisions fixed


  • Bomb ticking sound is now in “Sound Effects” channel
  • Added shooting sounds for the Dragunov sniper rifle
  • Improved bomb ticking sounds based on proximity and location



  • Avatars in HUD will now display in black and white when a player is dead
  • Your teammates’ HP will now show under their avatar
  • New hit marker opacity and thickness options
  • Removed exponential fog option/set as always disabled (for now)
  • Added tooltips for all attachments in buy menu
  • FPS limited should no longer display “0” on a fresh install and is now set to “Limitless” by default



01.1.10b (Live Build)


  • Assault rifles’ overall damage values have been increased.
  • Armor penetration values have been increased to balance the new armor’s algorithm.

We will promptly release The Forge Arena’s live damage tables for all guns for better feedback purposes.



  • You can now sprint while reloading a gun.


  • Overall specialization optimization for Origin and Exodus maps
  • Fixed a bug when jumping voice over’s would appear to be behind you.
  • Added bomb countdown/ticking sound effects

Overall Bug Fixes/Features

  • Fixed an issue where an empty clip would cause a desync with the client/server and would not let you reload.
  • The game client now loads/unloads certain sections of the map in between phases for better performance.
  • FPS optimization for lower/mid end PC’s.
  • Your computer will now use recommended settings the first time the game client is loaded. You can always roll back to these settings in the options menu.


  • Integrated “skirmish” option for private games. In order to get a skirmish going, create two parties of the same size (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5) and invite the opposing party leader to a skirmish. Game will start upon confirmation of all users.
  • Added “Create Account” button to login screen.
  • Added Official “Discord” link to login screen.
  • Revamped the UX for Battlepass features. You can now see the preview for the skins you may claim.
  • Friend list overhaul. You will now be able to see more friends without having to scroll up/down.

00.08.02 (Live Build)


  • New Skin collection now integrated
  • You can now switch regions (NA/EU) in the launcher


  • Lateral speed multiplier increased
  • Global movement speed increased by 10%
  • Global in air control increased by 50%


  • Minor bug fixes to the Spectator Mode


  • Dragunov damage increased, now deals 100% on the head without armor
  • Barrett damage reduced
  • Deagle damage reduced
  • Fixed a bug where your weapons would appear near players’ feet


  • Hitmarker reintroduced. Added option to toggle ON/OFF
  • Removed sparks on character hit
  • Added blood spray on character hit
  • Multiple bug fixes in the settings menu


  • New force field design in drop sequences
  • Collisions fixed on Exodus map

00.07.00 (live build)


  • New Skin collection now integrated
  • Fixed an issue causing stats to not get properly updated on your account if the Match was left early


  • Lateral Speed Multiplier increased


  • Minor bugfixes have been made to the Spectator Mode


  • Weapons now deal full damage to Player arms and hands
  • Equipping a different Weapon will now gradually increase/decrease the Player’s movement speed over the course of the animation rather than at the moment the new Weapon is fully equipped
  • Weapon Equip Times decreased
  • Movement Speed Multiplier and Armor Pen values are now more distinct between each type of Weapon class. This should help to better define the roles of each category.
    • Rifles are generally slower but have more Armor Pen
    • Glock and USP have the least Armor Pen but are quick. Deagle is the exception and will feel more like a heavy SMG
    • SMGs are in between Pistols and Rifles for both Movement Speed and Armor Pen
    • Barrett sniper rifle is now a one-shot kill above the waist – with and without armor. Overall movement has been reduced while equipped.

This update addresses the in-game stuttering issue that has been problematic for the last two updates.



– Accelerated fire rate for deagle
– Buffed first shot accuracy for all pistols
– Accelerated fire rate for Barrett
– Changed recoil patterns for rifles
– Lowered damage and fire rate of P90
– Lowered the kick on Barrett shots



– Other players will now make much less sound when walking
– Enemies will not hear you aiming down with your weapon anymore
– Other players will now make much less sound when changing guns



– Removed rocky structures allowing players to land on top of the map at their respective spawns
– Updated dynamic bands on capture and S&D sites
– Minimal changes to ramps leading to capture point
– Removed the infamous ship on bomb site A (temporary)
– Fixed and optimized numerous textures and dynamic elements
– Added collision to mid buildings to prevent players from jumping onto the main structure in the capture phase



Leaning has been disabled for this build. It will be optimized for further testing in a future build
– Fixed a bug where reloading your gun would carry over to another gun if switched
– Fixed a bug making a reload impossible after running out of bullets
– Fixed a bug in the kill feed where headshots would be visualized as grenade kills (!)



– New friend request UI
– New in-game state for when friends are in a game
– Updated chat filter (still in testing)

Game 00.04.04


  • All weapons have been heavily rebalanced
  • Most weapons now deal less overall damage
  • Armor penetration values have been reduced
  • All Weapons now have a base bullet spread value on their first shot while hip-firing (including pistols)
  • Recoil values have been adjusted but are subject to change in the upcoming patches

New Skins have been integrated

Search and Destroy

  • The bomb will now snap to the position of the player’s feet after planting
  • This is a temporary fix to prevent Player’s from planting the bomb inside of collisions


  • ADS can now be set to Toggle
  • Lean can now be set to Toggle
  • World Objective Icons can now be turned On/Off


  • Numerous level design and level art improvements have been implemented
  • Lobby doors in the Search and Destroy phase should no longer have glitched collision
  • Spawn doors now glow red when locked and blue when unlocked
  • Fixed an issue causing spawn doors to sometimes have glitched collisions after completing a round


  • First person player models are now more animated while strafing
  • Numerous improvements to weapon kickback


  • Fixed an issue causing the weapon reload sound to continue playing after canceling the reload by equipping a different Weapon


  • Friends list overlay has been upgraded
  • Friend request display UI has been upgraded
  • Minor fixes to overall UI

GAME 00.04.00



  • Increased Jump height slightly
  • Increased Walking/Running acceleration and deceleration rate
  • Strafing is now 90% of the base walk speed


  • Fixed an issue causing the Barrett to not play any sounds when held by an Ally
  • Tweaked enemy landing volume ~~-10db~~ -17db
  • Added sounds when the Player lands on the ground
  • Fixed an issue causing the Knife sounds to be global


  • Removed friendly fire


  • Improved the quality of multiple skins



  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Radar to dissapear when an enemy Player would quit the game


  • The Shop should now display the appropriate weapon images for the Player’s currently equipped Skins


  • Peeking has been reintroduced to the game!
  • Default keys ‘Q’ and ‘E’ to Peek Left or Right respectively


  • Changes have been made to the layouts of the Search and Destroy Bomb sites


Launcher 01.01.02B


  • Visual update with the updater, now show the remaining amount of download needed to complete the patch.
  • Added an animation while queuing for a game


  • Should now show correctly the top 100 for each stats.
  • If there is a tie, each player with the same value will have the same rank


  • Chat now has a profanity filter


  • Update and file verification now starts on boot instead of after your login


  • Epic AK skin: Eagle is now for sale

Greetings to all old and new friends we have met at events, online and most certainly, in our game.

Following up on the open beta weekend that ends tonight, we are more than amazed with the amount of feedback, both positive and constructive, that everyone has given us throughout this great journey.

The Freezing Raccoon development team has been working around the clock for more than 18 months trying to provide people like you a new competitive first person shooter that will keep you coming for more after every game you play.

Today, we are proud to announce that our game will be completely free to play until we launch the full version of our product!

You have requested it – you now have it. From this moment on and until our full release, you and your friends/teammates can now download and play this game for ASBOLUTELY FREE!

As for the remaining of the game’s development, from now on we will be updating and patching The Forge Arena on a weekly basis every TUESDAY.

The reasoning behind such decision is mostly based on our community feedback and it’s will to have many, many more players playing on our servers to create a competitive environment as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for our new competitive giveaways, our second map release, our in-game voice chat, our new guns and our numerous bug fixes!

See you in the Arena!

The Freezing Raccoon Dev. Team