The Forge Arena (TFA) Patch Notes – October 3rd, 2018

GAME 1.2.4

This update introduces brand new weapon attachments. There will be constant balancing on their pricing and advantages (ie. percentages, perks) throughout the next days.



  • Weapon attachments added:
    – Compensator
    – Muzzle Brake
    – Flash Hider
    – Vertical Grip
    – Angled Grip


  • Origin
    – Overall rework and improvements on the key angles and paths of the Search and Destroy phase
    – Drop collisions fixed
  • Exodus
    – Fixed many collisions in Capture and Search and Destroy phases
    – Drop collisions fixed


  • Bomb ticking sound is now in “Sound Effects” channel
  • Added shooting sounds for the Dragunov sniper rifle
  • Improved bomb ticking sounds based on proximity and location



  • Avatars in HUD will now display in black and white when a player is dead
  • Your teammates’ HP will now show under their avatar
  • New hit marker opacity and thickness options
  • Removed exponential fog option/set as always disabled (for now)
  • Added tooltips for all attachments in buy menu
  • FPS limited should no longer display “0” on a fresh install and is now set to “Limitless” by default



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