Pax South 2018

The biggest draw at PAX South 2018 in San Antonio was having the opportunity to discover and experience new big indie releases. The event also offered attendees the opportunity to talk about table-top, hand-held, console, and PC gaming, games creation, and the explosion in streaming the industry has been experiencing. There was something for everybody and it offered a place and three days to hang out and have fun with like-minded people.

We at Freezing Raccoon were no exception. We all enjoyed an amazing time meeting with and sharing our passion with existing fans and introducing thousands of new friends to our upcoming title a progressive and unique FPS, The Forge Arena. We are grateful to have interacted with so many fantastic people—attendees, other exhibitors, and even many of PAX’s event staff. We lost count of how many exclusive t-shirts we handed out for every pre-order of TFA, and we were so overwhelmed with excited interest that we had to set up a Discord server just to answer all of the questions streaming in.

From the very beginning of work on TFA we strived to develop an FPS that could rival the big players in that market. To do this, Artur Minacov, co-founder, and sole funder of The Forge Arena’s creation, funded Freezing Raccoon and assembled a team of conceptual artists and developers, each possessing the heart and soul of a true gamer.

Co-founder, Artur Minacov, who himself had competed in Counter-Strike series games before founding a number of websites making it possible for gamers to cash in their hard-earned valuable skins. Then and now, his dedication to the betterment of the international gaming community has been consistent and strong. Freezing Raccoon co-founders , Cedrick, Simon, and Franky, have a combined 40 years of experience in professional game development. They and the rest of the development team mirror Artur’s desire to give back and use what they’ve learned to create a better experience for the next generation of gamers.

As has been the case from the beginning of development, we at Freezing Raccoon are dedicated to continually listening to and incorporating user feedback to make The Forge Arena a better game for everyone.

And we’re almost there, but it’s not too late to get involved. Check us out today at . Contact and connect with us on Discord. And watch daily development on Twitch and Mixer.

-Ian McAuley (Panda), Community Manager

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